clean + care for your karya mats

how do i clean my mat? can i put it in a washing machine?

yes, you may machine wash your mat on its own with bleach-free detergent on gentle cycle in cold water. after that's done, wrap your mat in a towel and squeeze out excess water, then hang to dry. do not bleach, do not put in dryer.

my mat has a rubbery odor. when/how will it go away?

as with all natural rubber-based products, this is a common and minor issue. the odor will diminish quickly after unboxing the mat and letting it air out for a day. put it to use often and the distinctive "new rubber product" smell will completely go away.

my mat feels slippery. what should i do?

if you have dry hands and feet, you might feel that the surface is particularly slippery. fret not! before starting your practice, lightly spray water on the mat surface. this will help increase the grip, as will your sweatiness as you go along your exercise routine. the more you practice on the mat, the better the grip will get!