frequently asked questions

how are karya mats different from others in the market?

our designs, for starters. we do our best to produce fitness mats that work in terms of form, function, and of course, fun. our mats are designed to fit a variety of workout styles from hot yoga to pilates, with your comfort and convenience in mind, be it for traveling or everyday exercise. as a business, we believe we stand out with our eco-conscious values, support of local makers and craft industries, and a growth-based, sustainable approach towards fitness and design.

what kind of mats and accessories do you sell?

currently we have the 3.5mm hari-hari mats for your daily practice and the lightweight 1.5mm jalan-jalan mats for travel, which also doubles as a yoga towel. mat bags and carriers coming soon!

great! how can i get my hands on your mats?

you can order online or check out our partner locations that carry our mats.

what materials do you use in your mats?

our mats are crafted with high-quality natural rubber with a microfibre suede surface. the materials embedded in our mats provide a non-slippery, ultra-absorbent, towel-like surface along with the environmentally friendly, comfortable cushion of a yoga mat for your daily fitness practice. here's a quick overview on our mats' material and its advantages:

  • solid, sustainable, stylish - feel good and look good while you're working out
  • ideal for pilates and yoga practices especially bikram yoga and hot yoga
  • the more you sweat, the nicer the grip of the surface is, so let it all out
  • eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable natural rubber base
  • free from plastic, silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates
  • surface designs are printed with water-based inks

we continually improve our products and practices to better your fitness experience and reduce our collective environmental footprint.

how heavy are your mats?

3.5mm hari-hari mats weigh 2.5kg per piece while 1.5mm jalan-jalan mats weigh 1.5kg.

is there latex in your mats?

we have tested our mats post-manufacturing to be latex-free. however if you are allergic to latex, we advise being cautious with all rubber-based products. 

where are you guys located?

we are based in cyberjaya, malaysia. come for the sun, stay for the nasi lemak. ;)